About Me

A. Idris Palmer was born in Washington D.C. to a US-based diplomat during the US civil rights era. Since the age of seven he has traveled to, studied and lived on four continents, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Great Wall of China. He converted to orthodox Islam at the age of nineteen and for several years studied under students and scholars from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt before receiving a scholarship for study at the Islamic University of Medina. Idris later returned to the US, dedicating himself to teaching, translation and writing.

For more than two decades, Idris has written on a wide range of Islamic topics. His articles have appeared in the pages of Afro-American Affairs, Al-Hijra, The Muslim Creed, Al-Jumuah, The Muslim Link, Islamic Horizons and Yahoo! News. During the early 1990s, Idris edited the translation of Sh. Muhammad Nassirudin Al-Albani’s The Prophet’s Prayer Described. Moreover, he translated the works of several prominent Islamic scholars, including Abdul Aziz ibn Baz, Muhammad Ibn Saleh Al-Uthaimin and Mahmoud ibn Khalifa Al-Jasim. From the mid to late 1990s, he chaired the Society for Adherence to the Sunnah and edited A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam.

Idris is widely regarded as one the few orthodox American Muslim experts on the largest contemporary Western heterodox group, the Nation of Islam (NOI). He has delivered lectures about them at various universities and conferences in the US, Canada and the UK. His works on the NOI include Unrecanted Statements, The Truth Regarding Warith Deen Mohammed, Brutal Legacy, We Bear Witness and A Huge Mistake Aligning with Farrakhan. Several websites have posted and re-posted Idris’ works since the mid-1990s. He currently resides between the US and the UAE.