Campaign debates and invertebrates

After laboring through the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I had a few observations I’d like to share. Trump says regarding Saudi Arabia and Qatar: “these are people that push gays off buildings”. Saudi Arabia? Qatar? He’s holding two Muslim nations culpable for what individuals from ISIS/ISIL did in Syria and Libya. Which shows that he makes no distinction between Muslims or Muslim nations. In his eyes and those of his followers, all Muslims collectively are ISIS and/or killers.

Clinton’s response to Trump’s interposition was just as bad if not worse when she said that the Muslim community is “the front line against terror” where she adopted his campaign pledge to use “vetting” to screen immigration. Which means every Muslim will be considered suspect once he applies for an entry visa to the US. What is wrong with that picture and what does it say about the current relationship with the Muslim world that has led to such rhetoric?

Yes, I saw her “Queens” remark to Trump and it’s double entendre whether intended or not. However, it brings up a much more serious issue. Namely, Orlando.

Orlando was a clear case of gay revenge yet politicians and the anti-Islam bandwagon (I don’t like using the word ‘Islamophobia’ or anything derived from it) continue to associate with Muslims, simply because the killer allegedly said he did it for ISIL.

Muslims need to show some backbone and make that point crystal clear! We are now being labeled as a community and as a faith with one of the largest mass shootings in US history and Muslims feebly go along with that false narrative.

Call a spade a spade. The reason politicians themselves have not shown backbone and accepted the fact of Orlando being gay revenge murder is because it would run counter to a pro-gay stance.

It is much simpler and far more convenient to label the Muslims who are themselves too frightened to say the truth in the face of falsehood. Now Muslim children and future generations will grow up thinking the false narrative is the truth all because we were silent Shayteen!

Related to that is the case of San Bernardino. Where are the security video tapes from that building? Where are the eyewitness accounts and interviews with the survivors and how come not a single reporter or network conducted an interview with them? Why is it that the majority of California Muslims refuse to accept the official narrative?

Are we as a community to be constantly and conveniently beaten from pillar to post and we willingly accept the lies and accusations as truth? If so then indeed certain hand picked Muslim spokespeople were picked well, and those who did the picking knew well in advance that scenarios like this would likely occur. WIth apologies to Boris Johnson, that since one cannot grant a backbone to supine protoplasmic jellys, the official narrative persists.

Reflections on Playboy and honor

This past week saw female Muslim journalist Nour Tagouri expressing ‘honor’ that Playboy magazine featured her (wearing a scarf of course). Her comments ignited a firestorm on social media. While others elaborated on why Muslims should not support her, I simply wish to pose some minor thoughts. Can one imagine the Prophet ﷺ, saying it was an honor for Quraish to offer him wealth, esteem and leadership? If the answer to that is unthinkable, then what of the suggestion some have made that since Ms. Tagouri felt ‘honored’ that Playboy magazine included her, then one should place copies of the magazine in local Masajid as ‘recommended reading’?

Nay, in the same way as honor was eternally granted to him ﷺ, for standing firm upon Tawheed and purity- dishonor and humiliation is promised to those who fail to do so. As Allah says:
ﻓَﺈِﻥْ ﺃَﻋْﺮَﺿُﻮا۟ ﻓَﻘُﻞْ ﺃَﻧﺬَﺭْﺗُﻜُﻢْ ﺻَٰﻌِﻘَﺔً ﻣِّﺜْﻞَ ﺻَٰﻌِﻘَﺔِ ﻋَﺎﺩٍ ﻭَﺛَﻤُﻮﺩ
“But if they turn away, then say: “I have warned you of a Sa’iqah (a destructive awful cry, torment, hit, a thunderbolt) like the Sa’iqah which overtook ‘Ad and Thamud.” (Fussilat 41:13)

When ‘Utbah Ibn Rabi’ah heard the Prophet ﷺ recite this verse, he panicked, placed his hand over the Prophet’s ﷺ mouth, saying “I beg you in the Name of Allah and the ties of kinship to stop lest the calamity should befall the people of Quraish.”

Now we find a Muslim woman is ‘honored’ to be featured by a magazine whose history is established on a foundation of fornication, licentiousness and objectification of women, and disseminating those ideas and principles globally. Indeed, it is ironic that Hillary Clinton once returned thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to the Muslims after the Jews excoriated her for accepting, ‘blood money’. The Muslim community on the other hand, said little about the matter.

In the end, the wise thing for Ms Tagouri, would be to settle the debate by retracting her words, returning the accolades and stand firm on the faith. And if that is asking too much…then Allah’s promise holds true.