The Art of Response in Similarities

فن الرد على الشبه

Wisdom in Giving Da’wah

A brief essay by Sh. Muhammad Saleh Al-Munnajid

Translated by A. Idris Palmer


A non-Muslim offered a Muslim some grapes, and the Muslim ate them.

He then offered him some wine and the Muslim refused it.

The non-Muslim then responded, ‘Both of these are essentially the same. Yet you eat the grapes and you turn away the wine, even though wine is made from grapes.’ The Muslim then asked him, ‘Do you have a wife?’ The non-Muslim  replied, ‘yes.’ He asked him further, ‘Do you have a daughter?’ The non-Muslim replied, ‘yes.’ The Muslim then asked, ‘Why is it then that you allow yourself relations with your wife and not with your daughter, even though your daughter is from your wife?’ The non-Muslim realized his error and thus became a Muslim.